Monday’s Rune: A Metamorphosis

When does it happen, if it happens at all?
The innocent child becomes a troubled teen,
Then a vicious young man with an M-sixteen,
Or a rivetted young woman focused on his fall.

Is this the formula of a coming dystopia?
Is the excitement of the fight so much greater
Than desire for tranquility and gods’ opium?
Is power over people the dark masturbator?

Some change. Many don’t. Over time
We all morph and grow to some degree
For better or worse, but will I ever be free?
Human life’s permanent paradox of paradigm.

Look both ways with conscious contemplation of then and now.
Mind the gaps for lessons of fortitude,
not the comfort of fear.
You can only die once, Bukowski notwithstanding.

17 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: A Metamorphosis

  1. I have asked myself that question more than once. What is the spur that makes the change from innocence and love to destruction and hate?
    I loathe the word dystopia; I cannot explain why. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to believe in it, while being surrounded by it…
    Beautifully done, Bill.

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    1. Thank you, Dale. I read much (too much) war memoir, stories of how that happens for real. One of my favorites (a “novel”) is “The Thngs They Carried” (Tim O’Brien) and within that book, the Chapter ‘On the Rainy River.’ I think about such things obsessively. The human condition and life experiences have amazed me all my adult life (Sociology major). I should do some essays on the subject, but I am far from ever understanding. I often also wonder, ‘could that be me?’ Do I want to know the answer?

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  2. I often contemplate the turning points for young men and women who turn towards the darker side of life. There reasons for choosing (?) a more complicated life are multi-faceted and so interesting as to why some persevere and overcome emotional disregulation and others fall away or don’t make it.

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