Friday Fictioneers for June 10th 2022

Today the marvelous maven of Friday Fictioneers tempted us with a majestic photo of scenic waterfalls by David Stewart. What one-hundred-word (or fewer) story does it inspire you to tell us?

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PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Genre: Romantic Fiction
Title: The Big White Lie
Words: 100


My fiancé and I hiked into the forest and up to the beautiful, dramatic waterfall scene.

She said, “Look how beautiful, Bill—proof that God exists.”

I took a deep breath. “Yes, Babe. It’s a wonderful gift of nature. No poem would be enough. Thanks for bringing me here.”

“Bill, I’m not sure about us marrying.”

“Why? Because I’m atheist? You want me to lie?”

She said, “Yes. Or at least don’t tell anyone. It’s embarrassing.”

I kissed her cheek. “I’ll think it over, Love.”

She looked puzzled. We left.

Her parents still think I’m a dad-burn heathen Yankee Catholic.


Look both ways as you decide what is most important and to whom.
Mind the gaps around the falls and in concerns of the heart.

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47 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for June 10th 2022

  1. My first reaction was, how could he think he could live with God turning up in every conversation like Banquo’s ghost? Then I remembered how I was reticent to throw myself into life with a boy who didn’t believe in marriage. As a still hedging my bets Catholic, I wanted a church wedding. I was young and foolish. We ended up with a family before we officially tied the knot in a civil ceremony, to make life easier on the bureaucratic side. Anything’s possible in love (and war).

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  2. Yeah, I’m not sure this relationship is going to be the healthiest for either of them. She seems convinced she will convert him and he doesn’t sound like that’s happening.

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  3. Well, now, I have questions. Is being a dadburn Catholic Yankee any worse than being an atheist? Which is the worst part–Yankee or Catholic? Could he be a Catholic atheist, or would that be even more dadburned? Maybe just an atheist Yankee? Dadburn, now I’m all confused 🙂

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    1. I have answers:
      1. In the minds of some, they are equal.
      2. See # 1.
      3. If there can be atheist Jews, there must be atheist Catholics.
      4. It’s damnyankee (one word) either way, but they don’t like to say damn. 🙂

      No confusion necessary. They married and lived happy for the rest of their days.

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  4. If your parents are successful in passing you off to the world, you should have the ability to make your own decisions. Parents need to be wise enough to take a step back once their kids are grown. Some have to learn it the hard way. I wish this couple good luck and many blessed years together.

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  5. Sounds like they got it all sorted out in the end, and that’s good. I like how you used the waterfall to jump off (sorry) into this. I love the name her parents have for him. So funny.

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  6. That was very thought provoking. Is an act of omission the same as a lie? How far would I be able to take the facade? Anyway, it all seems to have worked out, but I think this might be singing around in my head today.

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  7. Dear Bill,

    I’ll sidestep the religious discussion and say nicely written story. Based on fact?



    PS I’m even later than usual, thanks to COVID. 😦 I’m starting to feel human again.

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    1. Oh no, Rochelle,

      I’m so sorry to learn this COVID news. First Dale, now you. Glad you’re in recovery.

      Sidesteps of religious discussions are fine. Several FF participants are very religious.

      And thank you for the compliment. But you also asked…

      The story is based on many facts. Some are my experiences, some are the lives of others, and some are from stories of familial disruption and estrangement due to religion/who marries whom.

      I could have used any number of religions where marriage outside the clan is frowned upon, but I avoided any specifics by using her generic and him atheist.

      I am atheist and my other blog is all about that (and some really old posts on this one).



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      1. I’ll admit, I am a religious person, but don’t care to argue. There are times and places. As for me I’m a Jew who married a Gentile. That caused some uproar in my family, believe me. As you can see, we weathered the differences and proved we could make our marriage work. 😉 Thank you for the well wishes.



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      2. I used to go to a Catholic Church. We had a couple of friends, she was Catholic and he was a life long Jew. They were fun to watch.
        She wore a small necklace with a Star of David into which a small cross was set. He went to Mass and to many religions education classes (many of which I taught) and would participate, but never did things or said prayers with which he did not agree. Nice people, I liked them both. His humor was awesome. I never asked much about how all that happened. 🙂

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