Friday Fictioneers for June 17th 2022

Mistress Rochelle gave us a double dose of reality today as she announced her recovery from the dreaded COVID CRUD with one of her photos. Nothing can keep her down for long. But the lovely flowers and get-well balloon should inspire us to find the words to tell our own story.

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Click on Rochelle’s bouquet for a lift to her page to scope out the rules and regs of the game.

Genre: Military Fiction
Title: Friendly Enemies
Word Count: 100


Timo and I were life-long enemies. We always argued and fought. Didn’t know why.

Fatefully, after graduation we ended up in the same platoon. One night on recon walking about ten feet behind the point man, Timo shoved me and whispered, “You’re too close. Spread out!”

Just as I put distance between us, the point man tripped a mine. I remember the flash and loud blast.

I awoke in the hospital to a bouquet of flowers: yellow carnations, white snapdragons, buttercups, purple and violet petunias, and orange lilies.

The card read, “Keep friends close, enemies closer. Get well soon. Timo.”


Look both ways for friends and enemies, discernment is key.
Mind the gaps, it may not be what you think.

Click on me or Timo for a bus over to the city or squares and more fun micro-stories.

What would you send your enemy? To know why I used those flowers, click here.

37 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for June 17th 2022

  1. Dear Bill,

    They sound like brothers. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer has worked for me. 😉 Perhaps I’ll write about it one day…although I’m not sure I can fit it into 100 words.



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  2. That ‘frenemy’ relationship is very well portrayed. I’d love that bouquet though. And if someone gave me a pot with basil, I’d be very glad. Great information about the flowers.

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  3. If he took that much trouble to save his life and to carefully choose the flowers, maybe he likes him more than he cares to admit? “Didn’t know why” in the first paragraph would support my theory. Who knows what might happen if they both survive the war… Nicely textured tale, Bill.

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