Monday’s Rune: War Poetry

But First

To balance my blogosphere life, I shall henceforth post my unprompted poems (or prose), called runes, on Mondays (formerly Thursday) so I can plan to post about every other day.

I claim King’s X for April because I hope to be working my way through 30 poems in 30 days with National (Global) Poetry Writing Month ( I try to write to the daily prompts/assignments (it’s optional, I’m not that masochistic).

Thus, I shall post every day in April. When possible, I will combine or do a second post on Friday Fictioneers and Sammi’s Weekender. I will also try to read and comment on those challenges when I can.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

What is the difference between
genocide, slavery, life,
and freedom?

It’s war. Granted. War is bad.
It’s literally hell on Earth.
Innocents and soldiers are killed.
War’s destruction is
without logic or proportion.

But pacifism is worse.
Evil cannot be appeased.
War is the symptom.
Humanity is the cause.
Hate is the disease.

Choose well but take a side.
Peace is a dream guarded
by nightmares. History proves
we always get the war we want.
There may be no winners in war,
but there are losers. I’d rather not.

Look both ways in the real world.
We must always fight for what is right.
Mind the gaps for seeds of hate and find the first casualty of war: truth.


10 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: War Poetry

      1. I feel you.
        I am slowly getting better. Last time I was sick like this was in December 2019, when I am positive I first had COVID – yanno, before it was in style… Can’t believe I succumbed again. Two shots, one booster PLUS a flu shot. I mean, come ON!
        (And one of the reasons I have written diddly-squat in two weeks…)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You said you thought you were going down health-wise. I assumed you were ill.

        The jabs do not make us “immune.” That is why I am still “abundantly” cautious. However, this past weekend I was maskless and too close to others too often (road trip).

        I’ve had the flu after the shot (one or two times in many years), shingles after the first shot (but a mild case), so I kind of get being vulnerable.

        Glad you’re on the mend. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That I did and I so hoped it was “only” a head cold but alas.

        And yes, I know the jabs only protect us so much. The worst part is we still wear masks at work, at the stores, everywhere but home… thank you my son for bringing it to me and then mocking me when you were sick only one day to my 8 (and counting).

        I never ever had the flu shot! My sister was so bloody sick the year she took one that I didn’t bother. This year, I figured what the hell? I organise a clinic at work so might as well. So much for that.

        Slowly. But definitely better than last week! 🙂 Thank you, Bill.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Few masks worn around here anymore.
        We attended an event (grandson’s powerlifting) with hundreds of people. We did not mask in the arena, and there may have been three masks worn total. Fingers crossed (that works, right?). 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Boy oh boy… Well.. Texas and Florida 😉 And I’m going to Florida the last week of April. Will surely be culture shock for me!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Cool. A good time of year to go to FL. I lived there (panhandle near Fort Walton Beach/Destin area 2012-2015). It could be fun for you…should be. I always felt like FL was anti-walker/runner (LOL) but pro-auto. Not enough side walks. 🙂 That timing is after Spring Breaks, so everything is open but not yet crazy and the college crowd is gone home.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Our timing was purposefully after the spring break. We are going to Miami – I believe close to South Beach. It’s not my first choice of destination, to be honest. We are staying in a place where we can walk to the beach, restaurants, stores… as we have no car! All good. We wanna relax!

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      8. I’ve only been twice to that general area. Once to Homestead Air Force Base, between Miami and the Keys (for Water Survival School), and one other time to Key West when a cruise ship stopped there. It is an interesting culture. Sounds like a great plan. 🙂


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