Thursday Rune: “Tom”

We were
crew mates and friends,
Tom and I.
He came from
South Carolina,
via the
University of Hawaiʻi.

A team of two.
For a couple of years,
we had laughs.
But it ended.

Lieutenant Tom, an enigma,
half of a nuclear bombing team,
a pot smoker,
beer drinker (me too),
almost certainly
a skeptic.

A kind of Buddhist,
politically left,
a sky diving
motorcyclist, and
the class clown.

We were different.
Tom deeper,
more spiritual,
and funnier.

After the Air Force,
Tom became a teacher,
back in South Carolina,
and a renowned
BASE jumper.

An avocation
that brought
an early end to Tom’s life
at the bottom
of a high SC tower when
his parachute gear

I’ll not forget.
I wish it had been
different. I’d call him.

Look both ways and remember even brief friendships.
Mind the gaps, they sometimes hold truths.

18 thoughts on “Thursday Rune: “Tom”

  1. What a lovely poem for a friend. One of my sons is a thrill seeker – you can’t quell their desire to feel the rush.
    While it is sad that ?Tom was gone too soon, he did die doing what he loved (and all those platitudes that we feel the need to say…)
    Nicely done!

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      1. It was my career. I wore on strapped to my back in an ejection seat. It was for emergencies. But some folks call it fun. Oh. well. 🙂

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      2. Heading for Julie’s place tomorrow. Four + hour drive. Football game at night. So, I will not get much writing done. Maybe some in the car. How can I be so busy? I’m retired! 🙂

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      3. I’ve heard tell retired folk are way busier… But doing stuff they enjoy…
        Drive carefully and enjoy the game and your visit!

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  2. PROFOUND! I love the depth of this poem. There’s so much in so few words. I love the picture at the top of your blog, too. What a wonderful write.

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