Will I Care? Don’t Talk Like That!

The past happened without me, as will the future.
Beginning on what day will I no longer get out of bed?
Unable to remove the mask and walk away,
to pee or whatever. Will I know anything?
On what day will I no longer want coffee?
I can handle not to have. But not to want?
Does nirvana or moksha reflect happiness or denial?
On what morn I’ll no longer begin a day’s reading?
Is not my quest for knowledge stewed in desire?
To have and to hold, to want and to need. To care?
There’s more I want to know. Will I care? Do I?
Must I stop loving her on that day? As the Jones song goes.
Will my dignity be intact, or will it be the first to go?
Will I die in a puddle of shit? As many would see that as fit.
Will I remember my name, yours, where I am? Will I care?
Is there such a thing as death with dignity? Or do we
just pass on to return life for life? Don’t talk like that?
Away and towards. Turn, turn, turn. Say I love you.

I care.

I do.

Love you.


© Bill Reynolds 10/15/2018

Look both ways; to the beginning and toward the end, when gaps no longer matter.

9 thoughts on “Will I Care? Don’t Talk Like That!

  1. Good writing Bill. It’s hardly ever pretty when you go. As a medic I saw quite a few die on the toilet. Not very romantic, but saves somebody from changing your ass. I want to die like in the Second Hand Lions story.

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  2. I like this one, Bill. It’s a great description of how it feels to be stranded between a past that’s already dead and a future that ends in death. From that perspective the present offers the best chance to live fully.

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  3. I think we all fear how we will die more than death itself. No one wants to suffer or see their loved ones suffer. You give some good advice, say I love you❤️ Those are words too seldom shared, but never regretted. Be well😊

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