Poetry — Octo-eventide

This October photo was taken by Dale Rogerson more than four years after I posted this poem. I replaced the one that was here with hers.

I hear the soft sounds of eventide’s song,
as it sings the transition of day into night –
of colorful gloamings where wonders belong,
while whispering air adds drama to sight.

Night birds respond by taking to flight
before today wrings darkness from light
The darts and the dives of the soaring black kite,
mixing their trills, flying into the night.

The sky-blue sunset is dotted with cloud,
as the stars drag the moon into the shroud,
where red and orange, and some yellow are glowing.

Adieu to the light as darkness keeps growing.

As the swift and the nightjar sing
songs that awaken
the owl tonight, a night yet to come.

From this part of life is another day taken,
and as humans will be,
by this darkness we’re shaken.

I feel the call of a long restful sleep
as evening pleasures promise to keep.
Remember this day as something we’ll miss.
Lie with me Love and share this sweet bliss.

©Bill Reynolds 10/12/2018

Look both ways into the night and the day,
mind all these gaps in a special way.

9 thoughts on “Poetry — Octo-eventide

  1. I loved this poem, Bill. Your words drew me in and I could visualize the eventide of October and a long sleep as if preparing for winter hibernation ❄️ Well done😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It takes patience and perseverance to be a poet, don’tcha think? I’m always tweaking my poems right up until publication 🤔🤨🧐😂

        Liked by 1 person

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