Monday’s Rune: Just for me

Humble Sigh

She said, “I write
just for me,
not for any reader.”
All for her own pleasure.
So she said.
So she thought.

But, oh, oh, oh,
the smile she had
and the glint in her eye
over the magazine
that published her story.

Tell me that again my friend,
that part about the writer
without ego or desire
to please or to be pleased.

Look both ways and take the pat on the back.
Mind the gaps for feeling denied.

7 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: Just for me

  1. We all liked a gold star on our exercise books at school…….and then along came fairness and equality that declared everyone a winner! However you are absolutely right, and what a great post this is Bill!

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  2. I think, that to be a good writer who is read, one must write for one’s self… Then again, I could be full of shit. I won’t lie. I like when I’m read 😉

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    1. I read you, Dale. 🙂 You’re right.

      I should submit more and I should work on gathering some of the better things I’ve written to self publish. I want to. I try. But I give up easy and I am lazy.
      I’ve been reading a lot about people in the music business (writers, singers, and musicians). It is the same. No self promotion = no listeners or readers. It is just reality. 🙂

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      1. I know you do and I appreciate it very much!

        And lazy is as lazy does and… lazy recognizes lazy, just sayin’ I be guilty as hell.

        It is true. If you don’t go out and play the gigs and no one hears you play, how do you want to make a living?

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      2. That is my problem, I don’t need to sell me or anything I do. My days for that are in the past. But I also purr softly when my ego is stroked. 🙂

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