Friday Fictioneers for February 3rd, 2023

We’re iced-in over (down) here in Texas, which means it is our bi-annual week of winter.

While Rochelle is recovering from strokin’ too hard, she has rattled our senses with an Alicia Jamtaas photo taken on a lovely romantic day. Our gig now is to write fewer than 101 words telling the stories that our muses whisper to us as we look at Alicia’s pic.

If your muse is tugging at your mind and makin’ you wanna play, click Ms. Jamtaas pic to dance on over to Rochelle’s blog page where you’ll get to read all about it.

PHOTO PROMPT © Alicia Jamtaas

Genre: Dream-dancing Fiction
Title: There She Was
Word Count: 100


It was a hot one. I was minding my business, walkin’ down the street, snappin’ my fingers, shufflin’ my feet, feelin’ the beat.

I saw her sitting there. My heart stopped. We waved. It was love. Music played. We danced. We started callin’ out round the world. Everybody was dancing in the street.

If this is a dream, may I never awaken. I called to her, “Baby, let’s make it real.”

We did with all the music playing, we were all singin’ and dancin’ and hot , hot, hot. She yelled, “Carlos, I love you. “I said, “my name’s Bill.”


Look both ways but love may be sitting up above on yonder windowsill.
Mind the gaps but (flash mob) dance when you can.

Click on the salsa dancers to flash on over to the inlinkz page for more hot stories.

AND, A little Smooth guitar from the great Carlos Santana to better tell the whole story.

47 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for February 3rd, 2023

  1. Oh Bill, you crack me up! This was fantabulous! Love, love, love it.
    And hey… the great Santana, accompanied by Rob Thomas 😉 I mention this because when this song came out, Mick and I argued. I said: Hey, a new song by Matchbox Twenty. He said: No! That’s Santana! We were both right. Sorta 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And your reaction cracks me up, Dale. Chuffed that you love, love, loved it.

      I copped a few words from even older songs, but that’s what my muse demands.

      And yes, all the bands were playing and singing that day. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Jen.
      Of course there is a chance for them.
      Here in TX it’s huge mess now. Not as cold, but crazy for sure — ice everywhere and on everything outside.


  2. Dear Bill,

    I love the way you cobble your story together with a song (and I did love the video). At first I thought you were going to start singing Doo Wah Ditty…wrong song. At any rate, you put a springy step and a smile in my very (boohoo) dry morning.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Rochelle.

      You had the right Manfred Mann song and “Dancing in the Street” is the second. But “Smooth” and the video overshadowed it all.
      I love springing up your steps. 🙂




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