Monday’s Rune: Speaking of Rude


I say and do,
makes me,
according to some
(hope not you),
sexist, racist, communist,
capitalist, atheist, and/or —
something else bad-ist,
or worse,
and so on.

The epithet “snowflake” implies
a melting softness, unlike icicle, and is both
insulting and a grounded gauntlet challenge.

I’m being verbally shoehorned in
by short-sighted, narrow thinking
like an ugly foot that doesn’t fit.

I could well
go off with my own difficult ways,
and face my personal world
for the rest of my days,
and forget to fit
their stereotypical clichés,
which some seem hardened
to claim that I always am.

That would be
such a great blow
to the cause
of human equality.
Since then,
all will see
and we will all be:
collective assholes,
magnificent they and
malevolent me.

Look both ways if you intend to make anything better.
Mind the gaps, saps, and crap chaps and be who you are—the real you.

And something better and deeper.

15 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: Speaking of Rude

  1. A truly lovely post to come across Bill. Thank you so much. I do so wish I had a voice with the gravitas of the reader of “How Did You Die?” I have many faults and am sure to be considered an ########ist by many! I will share this if I may?

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  2. People are so quick to point fingers and name-call, aren’t they? What is up with the -istisms? Why can’t you just be kind-hearted without being a snowflake; or determined without being a bitch?
    Your poem is wonderful. And that linked poem? My goodness…

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    1. Thank you, Dale.
      Such poems are worth the write. Actually, no one has ever called me a snowflake. Wonder why? 😉
      Did you notice that Edmund Vance Cook was a Canadian poet? 🙂

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