Monday’s Rune: The Value of Time


When Dad’s a Dick

I returned to your place of business, like I said I would.
A clown-man there told two jokes. At first,
I glared at him to the silent end. The other
I interrupted so I could give you my coffee order.
I allowed him to finish. I again stared
before telling him his joke was unfunny and that his
comedic skills were woefully lacking behind his
overflowing obnoxiousness. Was he your father?

You would not take my money. He paid.
I sat quietly, typed my poem, drank the
Americano and chewed the muffin.
Now I wish I hadn’t. You
did not look at me or say another word. Then,
you left.

Sorry. Henceforth, the city library
has much more to offer and
better silence, too. No jokes.
Is Divinely Beautiful your real name?
Tell your father that my low opinion
of him has declined and my vote
is not for sale.

No apology necessary.

Look both ways but think on your feet.
Mind the gaps of silence when the wind passes.

Expect the unexpected, they say. How?


16 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: The Value of Time

  1. Oh, I was right there with you. There are times where our patience is already worn thin and we cannot help but share our disdain…
    Hope you choose a better space next time 😉 No coffee in libraries so…

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      1. Well now… that changes EVERYthing! Get your coffed but you still have to keep quiet so keep your stoopid jokes to yourself, K? 😉

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      2. 🙂 It’s a long story with background.

        Anyway, I am happy the library has a coffee shop opened again. It’s not a noisy place, but it’s not all that quiet either. One could meet a friend there and have a fine chat.

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      3. You’re probably right. And do you know what’s funny? I had to look up that expression!! I hate when that happens, which, unfortunately is a good percentage of the time…

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