Monday’s Rune: Special Times

Photo by and © Dale Rogerson

Candlelight Creates Memories.

It happens
like this
it all comes together
too seldom,
so brief
but when
it comes,
we feel it
It’s more
than love,
life has enough
pain and suffering
and sadness.

Forget that—
remember this—
time always was
always will be
just because when
it’s like this
it’s cosmic.

everyday thing.
That wouldn’t work.

The right people,
the right time and place
discovering high levels
of special happiness.

We need to do that
more often—
again soon.

One bottle passed through
snifters near dripping candles
lighting empty chairs
light and dark
happy and sad
yin and yang
simultaneous synergy
of family energy.

Look both ways to find soul in family.
Mind the gaps. Set the stage. Live the love.

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: Special Times

  1. Dear Bill,

    This strikes a chord with me, having just spent my annual time with my brother and sister-in-law. It’s gratifying to know how precious this time is to him as well. Although they are recovering alcoholics so wine is not an option. Nonetheless, the long conversations over meals was the most precious to me. We are all the family we have. Thank you for starting my week off with this lovely poem.



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    1. Back atcha, Rochelle,

      I am thrilled that the poem resonated with you.
      Since the source of Dale’s photo was family love, I used that theme.
      Good to see that you had a wonderful time visiting your brother and SIL again this year. 🙂




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