Friday Fictioneers for August 19th, 2022

Mistress Rochelle has returned to her castle from her annual August quest, and she is enticing us with her own painting of shells in a glass. I kind of did a hard left leaning twisty turn on the prompt (coz TMI) to flesh out my 100-word limited story whilst weaving in some suggestive erotica, playing around, and the results of binge-watching too much Grey’s Anatomy.

My tongue-in-cheek apologies for rubbing-in an R-rated Friday Fictioneers (fantasy) story. If you think you might do better, it’s on! Click on Mistress’s fantabulous watercolour ((winks at Brits and Canucks)) to jump on my bike and wheel on over to Rochelle’s purple pleasure posts to get your ticket to ride.

Click a shell to hop on over to see Rochelle.

Genre: Allman Erotic Fiction
Title: Polyamorous Holiday
Word count: 100


The lady was an artiste, a trooper. She did it all. When she climbed on behind me, I sang out.
We gotta run to keep from hidin.’ I don’t own the clothes I’m wearin’.

Then she sang.
“Not gonna let ‘em catch us, Midnight Riders.”

She grabbed my crotch and yelled in my ear.
“Ten-day vaycay, Babe. Let’s go before I do you here.”

I sang.
I’ve passed the point of caring. I’ve one more silver dollar.

She squeezed hard.

We crashed.

Ten delightfully romantic days in the hospital. Each day we sang.

Same old bed we both are sharing.”


Look both ways during those special summer days.
Mind the gaps unless that’s where your hand lays and stays.



Click the chick-pic for more marvelous myth, memoir, and mendacity.

I bogarted and messed around with the lyrics to the song. If you don’t recognize it, here goes… I shudda picked a shorter one, but hey, meh likes it.

31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for August 19th, 2022

  1. Oh you are a randy fella! I love it!
    Yanno… It’s rather ironic. Were I participatin’ this week, I was gonna allude to my getaway which starts on Saturday where we won’t care none about shells… and will keep away from any hospitals!

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  2. Dear Bill,

    I swear, your intros are often as delicious as your stories. ❤ I guess there's a time to squeeze and a time to refrain. 😉 Love where my watercolour took you. 😀



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    1. Hey, Rochelle,

      After my dental apt yesterday, I went to Lamppost Coffee shop, ordered an Americano, people watched, and that story. Then I wrote the part about you and the FF’s story challenge. 🙂




  3. They were looking for action, and they found some, but they shoulda waited til they got to someplace stationary before revving the throttle. Funny and good song choice to weave in.

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