Monday’s Rune: Hank’s Wine Whine

Bukowski had six cats,
a horrific history,
(eventually) a (2nd) wife, a daughter,
and hated his father,
maybe mother too.
he smoked cigarettes
and drank wine
while writing poems
until the wee hours
to classical music.

He drove an old VW bug
and was attractively

Playing the horses
was more than
a gambling vice,
it was an avocation.

You say so what?
I say, you don’t know?

Look both ways when you need a poem to post on a Monday.
Mind the gaps cuz yer on yer own dude.

Henry Charles Bukowski: a “laureate of American lowlife.” Time (magazine).

20 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: Hank’s Wine Whine

      1. Yes, in a sort of “friends in low places” manner. It’s a wonder that he lived as long as he did. Was quite popular in Europe, or so I’ve read.

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      1. I love being introduced to new (for me) writers. Though this fella was not completely unknown to me – by name, anyway.
        I ain’t worried none for ya! 🙂

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      2. I think most of his poems are easily found on line. I particularly like those on YouTube read by “Tom O’Bedlam.” A lot of people like the book of poems, “Love is a Dog From Hell” — not for everyone.

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