Friday Fictioneers for July 15th 2022

To test out my creative muse, Mistress Rochelle apparently worked out an international picture deal with everybody’s ever-smiling, favorite Canuck, Dale Rogerson. A summer day residential photo of the otherwise Great White North ginned up a fib about two Yanks looking about.

Click on Dale’s photo to open Rochelle’s page to read about how it’s done.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Genre: Travel Fiction
Title: Canada Wry
Word Count: 100


So, this is Canada, eh? Where’s all the people?

Inside. It’s too warm. Thirty don’t ya know?

That’s not warm?

Celsius. Eighty-six Fahrenheit. We’re north of North Dakota.

They use metric?

Yes and no. It depends.

What else do I need to know?

Canadians are the politest and friendliest people on Earth. They say “sorry” a lot.

That movie, One Week, made me want to move here even before 2016.

Yes. But Gunless is better. Funnier. We need to get out of here.


Dale is taking our picture. If we stay, we’ll be all over the internet by noon.


Look both ways because everybody has a camera these days.
Mind the gaps but be nice.
Keep your passport current and safe.

Click on the cute but rough looking couple to open access to other fine 100-word (or fewer) stories inspired by the prompt picture.

This is a trailer from the movie Gunless in case you wanna see what it’s like. I’ve not seen it, but may giver them a try.

31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for July 15th 2022

  1. What the hell kinda Canuck am I that I didn’t see our hunkster Paul Gross (funny, he plays a ‘Murican) in ths here movie – gonna have to rectify the situation (and it plays on Netflix! Woot!). I didn’t see One Week either – I do like Joshua Jackson so I’ll have to add THAT one too!

    And you’re right… we go F for pools but C for weather, we go LBS for our weight but Kg for food; we go feet and inches for our height, but centimetres to measure any other stuff. We’re weird like that.

    And, HEY! I ressemble that remark… Please and thank you and sorrrryyyyyy.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I would make a list of things I envy about your country and your people, but it would take so so so so so looonnng. (minus winter)
      But I am glad I found some movies to watch.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I admit we’ve got more than a few things going for us. And again… chose the west coast 😉
        A classic oldie is “Men With Brooms” about curling 😉 Leslie Nielson and Paul Gross 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Bill,

    It’s true, one has to be on the lookout for Dale and her lens….snappy woman that she is. 😉 Fun take on the prompt. I don’t know that I’ll get straight in my head when to you use metric and when to not. As far as weather goes, Dale’s weather seems not all that dissimilar from ours in Missouri.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right, Rochelle.

      I did some reading on Canadians and how they culturally roll.

      I’m thinking that Texas may literally melt. I’m sure that many of the blacktop roads will soon.

      I’m much better with metric than I used to be. I need to get to reading FFs. 🙂




    1. I bookmarked that Gem. Thanks, Jen. The biggest change for me has been in tools, Esp when I work on my car. Everything is now metric (no more 99/64ths…LOL) 🙂


    1. I am currently in western Texas visiting family. It’s like the Australian outback with a different accent and fewer sheep. 105 yesterday.

      106 in the Brit Isles? OMG!!!!


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