Sammi’s Weekender #267 (return)

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Time would stop,
no mellowness
or ripening dead,
no ageing,
green callowness everywhere
on everyone;
sameness would be
one forever season
as it was for me
to never return home again.



Look both ways but remember that life is lived in the eternal present,
planned forward, understood backward,
and we each have a story.
Mind the gaps, and keep a nickel for the exit fee, or you may never return.


Sammi’s weekender (as I call it) is a word use and number/count challenge. But I am often called to music and songs by prompts, as in this case. The chorus from the song M.T.A. (or Charlie on the MTA) written in 1949, and recorded and made famous by The Kingston Trio in 1959, (one of my favorites) while unrelated to my poem, is still fun for me. If you buy a ticket today for the (now MTBA) Boston subway (if you go, ride it), it is called a CharlieCard because of this song.

“But did he ever return?
No he never returned
And his fate is still unlearned (poor old Charlie)
He may ride forever
‘Neath the streets of Boston
He’s the man, who never returned”

(33 words, but not my entry)

5 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #267 (return)

  1. Trying to decide if I prefer your poem or your “Look both ways” more!
    Well done, you (as per, of course!)
    And thanks for the song. Bummer – two words over in the chorus 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Dale.

      Much more effort goes into the poem than afterglow (or whatever it’s called). It is not uncommon for readers to say they enjoyed it more.

      Happy Saturday. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, hell… I don’t want you thinking I don’t appreciate your poetry more than your “afterglow” – which, to be honest, sometimes clears things up when I am not sure what you mean in the poem. I always reread the poem after and get an even bigger appreciation for it.

        Happy Saturday to you. Now, must clean up mine as I think it’s meh…

        Liked by 1 person

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