Friday Fictioneers: January 7th, 2022

For the first time in 2022, our dear and lovely lady, the queen of Friday Fictionalism, Mistress Rochelle has joined forces with Brenda Cox to masterfully tempt me into yet another maddening moment of muse-some, mendacious micro-storytelling.

Click on the next photo for a free taxi ride over to Rochelle’s place where you may want to get smart about writing fibs to a photographer’s photo. My sad story follows the prompt pic.

PHOTO PROMPT © Brenda Cox (Click it!)

Genre: Gonzo Journalism
Title: Don’t Be Misunderstood
Word Count: 100

Cold and drunk as I might be, I stumbled into the artists den, desperately needing to pee.

Of a painting man I asked, “Where’s the restroom?” my slurred Texas accent sounded like I asked, boom-boom?

With a mean look he yelled at me, “Number ten. Boocoo dinky-dau drunk, american. Take money!”

Through a white curtain, I entered where several young ladies were sitting around laughing and pointing. One demanded money.

I got out my wallet. Then, I heard a loud crack.

Next thing I woke up, dead as you see me now, with wet pants and an empty wallet.

Look both ways in the house of the rising sun.
Mind the gaps, speak clearly, and reconsider the nearest bush.

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A bonus, if you dare: —

47 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: January 7th, 2022

  1. I had to wait for that fantabulous rendition of House of the Rising Son to finish before responding (yeah, yeah, I know, I could have listened on YouTube…)

    Your intro is as great as your gonzo journalism! There is definitely a lesson to be learned… not by your guy, obviously. It is too late for him, but should his story be told. Then again, should the person being told the story be inebriated, there are no guarantees. Maybe restroom should be changed to toilet… no boom-boom mistake! LOL.

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    1. I enjoy that song but was unaware of the awesome covers rendered so perfectly in various musical genres. I’m heading out for a walk. Gunna listen to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 😇

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know. Anyways, back now. What a goofy book. My (#1) son has accused me of “channeling” Hunter S. Thompson. So, I sometimes do, minus drugs. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Has interest in HotRS risen lately? I put up a video a few years ago and it has been getting a lot of play over the last few months (“a lot of play” for me is 10 YouTube hits a day, though I received more than 50 views over the last two days). For the last few months it is more than everything else combined….

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  2. Dear Bill,

    To quote BJ Honeycutt. They can always understand English if you speak slowly enough.
    Your story reminds me of some of my husband’s Navy days stories…well one in particular. 😉 Wet and empty…poor guy. Gonzo Journalism? Well told, if not uncomfortable, story.
    Like Dale, I had to wait until for the end of the video to comment. 😉



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    1. Thank you, Rochelle,

      Oh, the war stories we could tell. Your comment made me laugh at myself. You insightfully got the timing right. Pick the place. 🙂




  3. There are far better ways to leave a house of ill repute with an empty wallet than that. He did not get his money’s worth.

    I usually consider Lead Belly to be the definitive version of any traditional song, but the production on the version you posted is brilliantly haunting and fits the song well.

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