Sammi’s Weekender #183 (Wrangle)

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Left, Right, Left

Loudly, we would wrangle well into the wee hours.
Gene and I would worry all but us; uneasy friends, smok-an’ drinkin’ buds
with different ways we saw our world.
Not even—no more.

Look and listen both ways. Lean from friends.
Mind the gaps of age and wisdom, our unforgiving nature.



7 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #183 (Wrangle)

    1. Thank you, Rochelle.

      Yes, it is I, sitting on Gene’s deck in Ankara, Turkey.

      Gene and I grew apart not because of our disagreements, but in spite of them. Time and geography took a toll. Then one day I realized that he was not kidding. He really is crazy. 🙂 There is nothing so invigorating and bonding as good friendly argument, as in a battle of wits.

      Peace (mostly),


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