4 thoughts on “Because Sometimes…

  1. That was powerful,Bill. Brought me to tears. I fear too many folks have abandoned all common sense and concern for their fellow human as the country reopens. Mask shaming and pandemic conspiracy abound. I am an optimist. I want to have faith in humanity, but the realist in me is convinced we’re fucked! Not because of Covid, that’s only exposed the divide and inequalities in our country and others. And btw, when did you start following Twitter?? It’s a swamp! Well, except for this video. Thanks for sharing. I’m now suffering from the trifecta of emotions: grateful for our frontline heroes, sad for all the death and suffering, fucking pissed off for all the idiots who won’t wear a mask or give a fuck about anyone else’s health or wellbeing. I’m going to go pour myself a drink now 🥃🍹🍸🍷

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    1. Here’s a toast to the medical pros. I got the link from Nan’s blog. My children forbid me from Twitter. The link worked on my computer, so I just copied it. I’ll have red wine, thanks.

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