Sammi’s Weekender #159: Intrepid

Alive in Manhattan

Conceived in infamy, born of the Essex clan months later, that Intrepid warrior,
called the Fighting I, she of the seas; Pacific, Atlantic, one vet of two wars.
I walked your decks, thought about men who died there.
Torpedoed. Kamikazied four times.
Now you survive, tall on the Hudson, alive in Manhattan.

Look both ways, from bow to stern, port to starboard.
Mind the gaps for a time to reload.

Essex Class WWII Aircraft Carrier – USS Intrepid

11 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #159: Intrepid

  1. Been on the Intrepid twice. LOVE it. I was told by a friends of my Dad’s (whose Carrier, the Randolph was also Essex Class) who served on her, that the crew always called her the Evil-I!!!

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  2. Dear Bill,

    An aircraft carrier is something to behold. My husband served on a few and I had a chance to tour his last one, The Constellation, I believe. At any rate I loved where you took the prompt. Perfect.



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