Poetry: May I try?


Why can’t I be a poet?
What is that anyway?

The maker of sounds
and finder of words to say.

Poems à la muse must
be creative and see
imaginative ways,
to say,
what we,
so capable and specially
can feel,
in a poem’s
certain way.

Poets are
We read (love)
dead poets!

Good at it? Yer a poet.
Writes poetry so well?
Maybe yer the bard
who shows the way.

Poetry is verse.
‘tis a versifier ye are?
Is it not?
How to tell?

Not up to par?
A poetaster you are.
If that’s in me,
a lessor poet’s what I’ll be.

What is inferior?
My poem, or me?
Or is it that my verse
is just too dern terse?

Write a poem of wit
and magic,
or a salty limerick
of some jester’s
funny verse.

Be the bard yer born to be.
Sing like a minstrel
along with me.

Be the poet
and you will see.

© Bill Reynolds 10/8/2018

A note from Johnny Cash.

If yer gunna try, look both ways and mind the gaps.
Let us feel the poems as you write.

10 thoughts on “Poetry: May I try?

  1. This was a great post to wake up to, Bill. I like the inclusiveness of it, inviting everyone to join in the poetry-writing spirit, however it manifests itself. The Johnny Cash to-do list is a truly inspired postscript. Perfecto!

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  2. I remember the first stories and poems I posted on WP just sat there for days. I know my work is often a little hurried and I really just write it for me in the end, but no comments, no likes, nothing—I thought wow, I suck at this. Then I learned about tags. Haha! Sharing opens one up to scrutiny. Not only from others, but from ourselves. I liked everything about this Bill. “And we take leave of our past, a trail of heartfelt words, if we are but ships that rolls through life’s seas, our poetry is the mast”

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