Sammi’s Weekender #305 (unrepentant)

With this, I am caught up with my weekend writing. I live in Texas and it’s not yet midnight, thus, technically, still the weekend.

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A long time ago
on this very planet
we call Earth, I learnt that
when I’m wrong
the sooner I know it
and admit it,
the better
for everyone.

If I do unintended harm,
I make some amends
(with insurance company guidance).

But for protecting me and mine,
there is no “sorry.”
No “excuse me” for this or that.
I wear my unrepentance like
a soldier wears his weapon.

Look both ways to see both sides.
Mind the gaps and know the land, but don’t get lost in nice.


9 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #305 (unrepentant)

  1. Excellent! I am the same 🙂 And… maybe, just maybe, I’ll be a rebel and play after the weekend. I don’t know how y’all do it the daily NaPo thing… and some do that one AND the Ekphrastic poetry for a month. Oy!

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    1. Oy! is right. Ask me around the 15th if I am still loving it. I do it every year (to the prompts/assignments) and I enjoy it. But when it’s over, I am glad cuz, enough! 🙂 I’ll be watching your blog.

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