Friday Fictioneers for April 29th, 2022

Yesterday, Fictioneers Mistress Rochelle dealt us an urban photo by Ted Strutz from which we were prompted to contrive, via inspiration, a micro-fiction story. May my tardiness be forgiven. Three more NaPoWriMo poems and my life returns to whatever my normal may be.

Click on the prompt picture to be hustled over to her purple majesty’s page for the plan.

Genre: urban fiction
Title: Tony Loves Rosie
Word count: 100

The slow walking old man stopped. He remembered this corner with ambivalence, but that day with dread.

The ironic sign was near where he’d shot and killed Ted Coffey during the gang rumble. Hearing the Third Avenue elevated pass brought a tear. The bike lay were he almost bled to death. Behind him the spot where Rosie died. Then, her loud voice.

“Tony fucking Del Toro. Is that you? Remember me? It’s Rosie Reyes. I heard you died in Viet Nam. Marines, right? Hey, let’s get a cup a joe and talk old times. Good memories.”

Seeing her changed everything.

Look both ways, even on one-way streets.
Mind the gaps hidden in the crevasses of your mind.

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30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for April 29th, 2022

  1. The juxtaposition of where these two characters created a nice effect! Brought me from melancholy reminiscing to ‘oh everything’s fine’. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Dear Bill,

    Until I saw a reply to a comment I thought they were meeting in the afterlife. Either way, dead or alive, this story works and makes me smile. Well done, sir.


    Her Purple Majesty 😉

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    1. (Bows as he removes his hat).
      Thank you, Rochelle.

      I suppose we can place them in whatever dimension we like.




  3. Very atmospheric descriptions and I really like how the slow melancholy of the story is lifted by the upbeat language and mood of the ending. Love the characters, too.

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