Friday Fictioneers 12/31/2021

Another fine photo prompt as FF Mistress Rochelle and Darling Dale team up yet again to prompt me into some foolish fiction for the final 2021 Friday fib.

Click on Dale’s photo to flash over to Rochelle’s blog in case you want to learn more about writing to a photographer’s photo. The prompt pic and my yarn follow.

Click on the PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson to be carried on over to Rochelle’s blog page.

Genre: Biographical Fiction
Title: Dale’s Candid Camera
Word Count: 100

Are you sure we got the right one, Maggie? We’ll never get away with this. We’re gunna get caught. Who cops trees at Christmas time?

It’ll be fine Ralphie boy. Once we get past this hotel, we’ll have a free tree, Eh?

Who’s that?

Who is what?

That lady over there is taking our fucking picture. Quick, hide your faces. Everybody has a freaking camera these days. It’s almost enough to make me stop stealing things.

Do you think we’ll be published? Maybe she wants to make us famous.

Just keep moving and hope… Oh shit Maggie. I think that’s Dale.

Look both ways, everyone is camera ready these days.
Mind the gaps and check the trees for varmints and critters.
Smile, you’re in the blogosphere.

Click on Jack and Sarah (Tony Danza & Lea Thompson) in “Stealing Christmas” to read more soon to-be-famous micro-fiction.

48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 12/31/2021

  1. Dear Bill,

    Yep, You gotta watch that Dale. If she sees an interesting one, she snaps it. Watch your back. Oh. And watch your front. 😉 Love this piece. Picture perfect. And may you have peace in the coming year.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like my story, Rochelle.

      Smile, you’re on tem candid cameras. Privacy they said. Right. 🙂

      Peace in abundance,



  2. I am laughing too hard to write a decent comment!
    Wait. Shit. I’m one of those fucking people!
    Oh hell. I’d like to say I’ll stop but then it would be me telling a fib…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. what lengths do we go to to have a seasonal tree. A few friends though there was no harm in cutting their own tree from a small plantation. They were spotted by a helicopter and subsequently fined. What joys.

    Liked by 1 person

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