Sammi’s Weekender #241 (din)

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shameful silence

early morning sounds
soft, in silent darkness
distracted by clichéd neon din
imprisoned without art,
terrified by evil’s truth.

Look both ways to see and to say.
Mind the gaps of paranoia while seeking better days.

Inspired by S&G’s hymn to resistance, The Sound of Silence.

3 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #241 (din)

  1. Trying to decide if this is truly sinful or not…
    I love how you make me think 🙂
    I say, try to stay away from paranoia and enjoy that quiet moment (not easy for many)

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    1. Merry Christmas, Dale.
      The din prompt kind of drove me to think of silence. When I read about the S&G song the poem developed in my mind.
      The paranoia comes from another song, “For What It’s Worth” —
      “Paranoia strikes deep
      Into your life it will creep
      It starts when you’re always afraid
      Step out of line, the men come and take you away ”

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