A Thursday Rune (walk with me)

’tis Raining Intimacy

Here’s the thing, people think I’m crazy
when they scramble for cover
seeking unrequited protection
from spit and sprinkle.
As my smile betrays my thing for rain.

Well, you see, proud me knows
what they don’t.
I feel something
they flat-out won’t.
Yet I’m not alone.

I dig walkin’ in all the rains—
deluge or drizzle,
mist or mizzle, or
let it pour a storm.

Control Nature? I cannot!
But guess what that
atmospheric effect does for me.
If I could, I’d make it so, and gawd,
you’d see; it would rain a lot.

I dunno, though,
cuz here’s another thing;
what I get is more than wet.
Rain’s just Nature’s grace
poured out on us
says no less than the likes of
John Updike. I get what he meant.

Anyway, it’s more than water,
more than moisture,
rain refreshes me, spiritually
cleanses me, it quenches my thirsty soul.
You know what I mean?

And Jeeze Louise, we always need rain.
It’s a feeling—a cosmic commune—
with what, I’m not so sure, but it,
in fact, flows with cycles of life.

Okay, I get it. No freezing cold.
I’ll pass on thunder and lightning
so close
it makes me mess myself.

Don’t worry though, I dress for temperatures.
On warm days, it’s shorts and old cotton tees;
my warm red rain jacket at colder times.
I eschew ducking under umbrella’s shadow.

I wear wet-able shoes. And I walk alone.
But then again, don’t you know?
I’d never refuse a fellow Pluvio,
and we’d want to dance
to the music and the rhythm of falling rain.

Look both ways.
Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and see the rain;
all that it does, all that it loves.
Mind the gaps, the dips, and the puddles, unless you’re five.
Then, just dive right in.

21 thoughts on “A Thursday Rune (walk with me)

      1. We went to Ocean Shores a month ago. It was wonderfully raining off and on all week. Now I’m living in eastern Washington and we don’t get it as much, so we take the trip. I like it too

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      2. A few November’s ago I stayed on the 3rd floor at the Shilo and the waves were so big you couldn’t see the ocean from over the breakers. It’s one of the neatest spots anywhere. My wife just walks and walks, disappears down the beach. That beach! You can still drive on it too

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  1. Rain is nice, but when you’re sifting through a tornado destroyed home in search of such things as pictures and other memorial emphera it’s not. They are just paper and sometimes tin… but the mean something deep within. My heart is with those who lost who feel no gain in the rain and cold of life at the moment. Great poem. As I type this, the rain is blowing horizontal here, and in the last 15 min the temp has begun to drop. At least, it’s only rain and not snow or worse – ice.

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    1. Indeed, the tragedy of natural disaster is frightening and heartbreaking. I’ve written about that too, but I chose a big earth quake. 🙂


  2. I thought of you yesterday. I was low on steps and simply marching in my living room was unappealing so I decided to walk around the lake in front of my work. Oh wait… you might have see the pictures 😉 All to say, I was not one-third into the walk when the rain came. I decided to plough on. I’m not, after all, made of chocolate! It was so mild, it felt almost like a spring rain!
    I love the thunder and lightening when I am safe underneath an awning… the freezing rain, I shall pass on, however.

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    1. Hey Dale 🙂
      Nice to be thought of, even if it is due to a rain. Yes, I saw your rainy day pictures.

      It is supposed to rain here tomorrow morning 🙂 with temps in the 60s F but falling before noon. I may try to get out in it.

      Thunder and lightning make me think of the Bob Seger song, ‘Night Moves,’
      “Oh, wonderin’
      Felt the lightning, yeah
      And I waited on the thunder
      Waited on the thunder

      I woke last night to the sound of thunder
      How far off I sat and wondered?
      Started hummin’ a song from 1962
      Ain’t it funny how the night moves?”

      Your not made of chocolate? 🙂 Okay,

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      1. Hey Bill,
        Funny guy 😉
        They’re calling for some snow tomorrow with a “high” of 21 😉 Then I have to go way out to my friends’ place to pick up my chairs that have been there since August. Supposed to be 25 with sun. There is a nice area that I think I shall be walking in – some photo ops, I’m hoping.

        I love that bob Seger song!

        Well… maybe – dark chocolate: a little bitter and takes a bit longer to melt 😉

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