Sammi’s Weekender #240 (pavonine)

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An Old Dog Bit Me

My Dog was a big, ugly, fat fucker (BUFF),
boasting an un-pavonine but prominent
forty-eight-foot-tall tail
painted a horrid unreflective tar-black; likewise,
his underside, from empennage guns to radome nose.

Chemical odors inside mixed with piss and puke
fouled the air; noise enough to deafen,
disaster and destruction filled his big ebony belly.

On command, my camouflaged killer would ‘Cry Havoc;’
wreaking horrible death and terror onto the earth below.

Now, we haunt display grounds at air museums across the country.

Look both ways.
What you don’t see can kill.
Mind the gaps and don’t be a target.

Note: Allusion is to “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war,” spoken by Mark Antony in Act 3, Scene 1, line 273 of Shakespeare’s history play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.


A B-52D (circa 1975), also known as a tall tail or the “Old Dog.” It was the B-52 model (there were eight) used in the novel “Flight of the Old Dog” by Dale Brown.

10 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #240 (pavonine)

  1. Yanno… I love when I am pushed to google a couple words – most times to make sure I did understand them; other times because… what?

    Love this description of an Old Dog…

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      1. Pavonine, I should guess, is rather new to most of us. Still thinking about what/if I shall play…
        Saturday: a nice 2-hour walk and my son is gone to get my mother to bring her over for supper. It is her late husband’s birthday (and my late husband’s) today. First one for her without him as he died last March. I figure we’ll toast the two guys who were such buddies and kindred spirits 🙂

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