Sammi’s Weekender #238 (familiar)

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A Poet’s Niche at Night

I sit alone,
here in my nook
surrounded by dark night’s midst,
awakened by who knows what.

It’s not gloomy to me
in my shadowless gray nest,
with familiar walls tinted sepia
by computer screens,

And light from my
black plastic, ergonomic keyboard.

I like it dark without sounds
I couldn’t hear anyway, just midnight feels.
I like them, too.

As I think,
I write
this poem thingy
cuz that’s what poets do,
in the middle of the night.

Look both ways when you sit alone in the darkness.
Mind the gaps,
the things you hear,
the things you feel,
and especially those you don’t.

20 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #238 (familiar)

  1. I could easily picture this. Oh, the joys of being a writer. At least when you wake up in the middle of the night, you have something with which to occupy yourself. It feels like your own cocoon when you are alone with all that surrounds you.

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      1. Oh, I feel ya, Bill. I, too, would rather be sleeping at the wee hours of the night… But at least you got a post out of it!
        It was a happy Saturday! 🙂

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      2. Took a very long walk, ended up at friend’s for a drink, or two, which turned into onion soup and wine and chocolate mousse… I’d say a very good day!

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      3. I saw that, Dale. 🙂
        Oh, chocolate mousse? Cool.
        I walked extra yesterday, so today is a swim day for sure.
        Gosh, I feel so “caught up” this morning. But I will write something for sure.

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      4. 🙂
        Delicious chocolate mousse!
        Good for you! Swimming is good. I’ve never been much of one. I tried a few times this past summer to do laps in my pool. I am going to keep trying. 🙂
        Look at you all caught up! I’m thinking of doing a “familiar” post…

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      5. Oh right, my favorite flavor of chocolate mousse is delicious.

        My kids were all swimmers. Julie was phenomenal. Sometimes she coaches me. 🙂

        I use all the “helps” so that my workout consists of more than just not drowning. It is a great aerobic workout and gets my HR up. And I likes it. 🙂


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