Thursday Rune: Vet’s Day Poem

Why I am Here

Are we united? One,
indivisible nation
facing all that division
and diversion
has to offer.

When politically
trapped rhetoric becomes
the dark knight, when
lies form gospel,
when logic is lost, when
hate becomes faith,
we form our own
deep “Troubles”

On this Vet’s Day,
let us remember,
and never forget,
why we are here.

Look both ways and work for peace.
Mind the gaps as we make it a better world.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Rune: Vet’s Day Poem

      1. Ok. You win.
        But aren’t you glad that I never had to drop nukes all over the damn place making a total mess? I am. The fucking Russians ought to be.
        Honestly, Dale, I enjoyed what I did, I do appreciate all kind words.
        Oh, Lawdy, tomorrow is Friday. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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