Sammi’s Weekender #235 (mirror)

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Timeless Reflections

For twenty-seven thousand days and nights
what you have seen is not all that ever was.
You see in me today’s truth, one perpetual now.

With one look I never judged anyone.
I reflected an eternal present
without darkness, forgiving the past,
each glimmer gone, days and nights
numbered and stacked
upon your tired shoulders.

Like ashes from wood burned
in past fires, days forgotten, names confused,
adjusted appearances, time
carefully dealt from fate’s shuffled deck,
one at a time until there was none.
Lines of life get clearer, youth
forgotten there, inside grandfather’s mirror.

Mirrors can’t look both ways.
The reflection they cast is only today.
Mind the gaps and fix the cracks, everyone has history.

This mirror hung in my grandfather’s house 100 years ago, then in our dining room from before the day I was born. Click on the photo to read Sylvia Plath’s poem, “Mirror.”

25 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #235 (mirror)

  1. Good one, Bill. I especially like the image of time being dealt from fate’s shuffled deck. And the photo of your grandfather’s mirror and the link to Sylvia Plath’s poem are nice additions.

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    1. You’re more than welcome, Dale, but I am grateful to you for such wonderful praise.

      Yep, some families have skeletons in the closet, we have memories in a mirror. 🙂 It keeps our secrets well.

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      1. Even better. 🙂 I wish I knew if my maternal grandmother ever looked into that mirror. We should learn all we can from our parents and family, and tell all we can to our children. We should also tell our story so that future generations can read it, if they want. Thus, my Nano project — LOL

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  2. This is beautifully woven, Bill. My favourite lines:

    “one perpetual now”
    “I reflected an eternal present”
    “Like ashes from wood burned in past fire”

    Great share for Plath’s poem too, a double treat 🙂

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