Friday Fictioneers: My Sold Soul

Many thanks to the wonderful Rochelle for herding us cats on Friday Fictioneers. We write micro-stories inspired by a new photo each week, provided by very creative and imaginative compatriots. Here is the photo and my story for this week.

Click on this week’s PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy to link to Rochelle’s Blog.

Genre: Satirical Epistolary Fiction
Wordcount: 100

Dear Mr. Bill,

Back in 1969, you agreed to our soul safekeeping if you got lucky with one Fancy Fox.

Enclosed herewith please find your damned, odoriferous, devil-moth eaten, blackened, rotten soul.

Our Diabolical Board of Demons directed soul safekeeping be returned to original owners since repossession is inevitable.

Due to Texas PowerGrid uncertainties, the ravages of our dark virus experiment, and subsequent chip shortage, we are terminating soul safekeeping, forthwith.

Please store your stinking, grain alcohol-soaked spirit in a warm, damp, moldy place until we confirm by certification your final demise.


Wormwood Chinaski,
Human Soul Safekeeping Division

Look both ways, keep smiling,
mind the gaps of the damned, and ride the soul train.

Click on Mr. Wormwood to link with all the other stories for this week.

67 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: My Sold Soul

    1. G’mornin,’ Dear Rochelle,

      I’m chuffed that you liked it so much. Such is only possible with your careful prompting and guidance. I’m glad about the coffee too.



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      1. Good mid-morning, Dale.
        Yeppers. I picked it up watching the “The Great British Backing Show.” Also, noticed your use of it. 🙂 I just need to get my Brit accent down mo’ betta’.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good mid-morning to ya, Bill.
        Ah hah! And I was wondering if I had used it on ya already 😉 My British accent is not all that wonderful, truth be told… 😀

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      3. Hahaha! And be careful because each area seems to have its own lingo! I watched Peaky “Fucking” Blinders with the subtitles because between the Irish guys and the Birmingham accent, I found myself backing up too often! Such a good show, though.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh right. When I read Bill Bryson’s book, “Notes from a Small Island” I had a good laugh reading his description of talking to a Scot taxi driver. I’ve wondered about a Yank Midwesterner who moved to England and finds work as an editor in print media, then ends up a professor there. WFT?
        I’ve not tried Peaky Blinders in a while. I love all those GB/Irish accents, even if I struggle understanding my own language.

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      5. Holy moly! How ever did he manage that?
        It’s so good. I love the accents, too. I remember watching a video on YouTube about all the different variations of the Scottish accent – who knew? Not I…

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      6. Good morning, Dale. 🙂 Just up, so having morning coffee. Then walking. Then off to get new keyboard. November cometh soon. 🙂

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      7. Good morning, Bill 🙂
        Have run at 6 am, gotten to the office for 7:30 to let in the A/C guys and already looking forward to 16h00, since, coming in early by one hour my boss insisted I leave an hour earlier…
        Happy keyboard shopping!
        November cometh at full speed ahead! 😀

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  1. The images…. aaaargggjjjjj! Too intense for this gentle soul to consider. But, rest assured, my soul is in good keeping and will remain so long after I’ve shed this pain ridden existence. Great story.

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  2. And to think, Texas has been the devil’s respository all these years . . . the lone soul state? big soul country? (OK, it’s 3:05 am and I’m not sure where my soul currently resides)

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  3. Diabolical story, Bill. Well told, and well thought out. After coming out of lockdown here in Sydney, I’m hearing quite a few people are reclaiming their souls from the capitalist beast after being in lockdown for four months. My husband went to the barber today and he’s usually employed someone and he’s looking to scaling back and just doing what he can instead of working so hard. People also working more from home.
    Best wishes,

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