Sammi’s Weekender #232 (question)

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The Weight of Truth

Your question cuts to my core.
You long for unnuanced truth bathed in heavenly light.

Who am I, naked, closeted?
Yet, you ask for the dark light, to know my vulnerable,
captive, and bound heart.

Will my truth set you free?
Shall my vulnerability be set back upon me?
My silent deception belies both truth and trust.

Long sleepless nights.
Regret, haunting wonders of who I am.

If I answer your question the world will hate me.
My truth is heaviness mankind cannot hold.

Look both ways before you answer.
Value truth but weigh the gaps and consequences.

31 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #232 (question)

    1. Thank you, Dale.
      It’s been that kind of morning. I need to write one more essay for the other blog and I shall be ready for November and NaNoWriMo. And I’ve got 8 days. 🙂
      On my walk this morning I thought of “nuanced truth.” When I got back home I had to do a 3rd rewrite to include the oxymoron.
      Have a great day/weekend. 🙂

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      1. Look at you! You are in fiah! 8 days. Will be here in the blink of an eye.

        I had a noon date with a friend. After lunch, we took a 3 hour 23 minute walk. It’s been a nice change of pace to have company. Needless to say, there was less introspection than usual.

        Nuanced truth – you are an adept writer.

        And you, as well!

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      2. Thank you, Dale. I walked about 1.3 miles this morning and managed to swim 1000 yards this afternoon. Made sure my WP stuff was all locked and loaded, minus the one.
        3.5 hours walking? After lunch yet. ’tis thee on fiah! 🙂

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      3. I’m not sure why we failed going metric in the 70’s. God forbid that we do anything that might make sense. Oh, how I wish that was our only problem. 🙂

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      4. 74 million of us voted for four more years of Trump. That is insane. I am defenseless.
        I would have moved to Canada years ago. but y’all are so picky. 🙂

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      5. I never met a Canadian I didn’t like. But there is that one issue y’all have with cold. (Just kidding.)
        Still, a remarkable walk, kilometers or miles. Well done! 🙂
        ((I surrender my sword))

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      6. We’re (mostly) decent sorts… Well, in YOUR case, you’d have to move to the Okanagan Valley in B.C.
        I’m pretty pleased with myself so thank you!
        No swords are necessary.

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    1. Yay!! Marilyn gave me an “A.” Thank you.
      My ego is overinflated, but when an editor, writer, and poet says ya done good, it’s hard not to do a happy dance.

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  1. Weighty thoughts indeed, Bill, and the writing elegantly bearing their heaviness. Love this line: “Regret, haunting wonders of who I am.”

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  2. This is beautiful, Bill. I love every stanza, especially:
    “Long sleepless nights.
    Regret, haunting wonders of who I am.”
    I think everyone can relate to that on some level. Those deep midnight musings.
    Hope you are well ❤

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