Poetry: It’s August Again

It’s August again. Just another
one of twelve named collections of days
to mark our planetary position
relative to our Sun, called sol, in our
solar system spinning reliably about
in some outer spiral arm
of our Milky Way galaxy. Our home.

August is supposed to mean something important,
like some Roman title signifying reverence;
to hold in high regard. I don’t do that for August.

As a child, school started next month,
I was often bored, sunburned, a year older.
Halloween and Christmas were far off.
I feared some raging red-faced nun’s pounding footsteps
and bone rattling beads storming my way,
with some weapon of horror in her hellish hand.
Hormones made me feel things I didn’t understand.
I still don’t get all that. Crazy life.

As an adult, August now means hot and dry. West coast
wildfires raging on while US Forest Service bureaucrats
either fight or fiddle for smarter management
policies for mother nature to ignore.

I try to be respectful of August.
It’s the end of summer, the gateway for September
as promised glories of Autumn soon fall upon us. Coolness.
And color. And feelings. October promises more.
My apologies to summer lovers, tanned bodies,
teacher’s times off, vacations (because kids), and to Caesar.
I say it every year. Only Christmas can save August.

Look both ways to seasons past and yet to come.
Mind the gaps in government policies.
They’re only human, even if they can’t admit it, until the mic is hot.

9 thoughts on “Poetry: It’s August Again

  1. Good one, Bill. I have too many significant others’ birthdays in August to join you in your low opinion of the month, but you make a convincing case for looking forward to cooler, more colorful months ahead.

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  2. August is that last blast of summer that we love and hate – for various reasons. I admit to not loving the hot and humid stickiness that August often brings and look forward to the end of September and month of August before the drab of November…
    Boy, do we ever attach things to months!!

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  3. Superb! And this is so timely. Just about now I’m reminded why I don’t like summer. But we’ve lived through most of it. Fall will save August, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yup, they resonate loudly with mine. Stay cool, Bill.

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