Sammi’s Weekender #201 (orbit)

Moon’s Grace

What about the moon?
I see it and can feel something
unlike the Sun or stars.

Mona, Selene, Luna, or Mwezi,
a nameless orb.
The Moon is

Waxing, waning, or full;
in orbit, playing with tides, waking
creatures of the night,
inspiring music and stories,
the moon relates to us.

Look both ways.
It is the same moon it’s always been and always will be.
Mind the gaps when it’s new and dark as night.

8 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #201 (orbit)

  1. I like that you chose the moon as your subject, Bill. It’s a reassuring presence of all of us earthlings, and you describe that beautifully in both the poem and the clever postscript. Thanks for opening my day on a bright note!

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  2. Maybe not important, but I meant to say “a reassuring presence for all of us earthlings”–so much for writing first thing in the morning…

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