Sammi’s Weekender: obdurate

Dying to Self

The obdurate lad labeled shallow,
his brooding nature, vengeful plotting,
lacked love, friendship, deep perspective.

The cold-hearted brutish Devil Dog
sought glory in death, salvation through agony,
shadows to kill without meaning or purpose.

Death and destruction his insensate shield,
as he was, he couldn’t survive
in this world at peace with love.

Curses of sympathy and empathy
mysteriously hatched humanity into his soul.
The old poet sleeps feeling thoughts of emotion.

Look both ways for the glory of Beowulf.
Mind the gaps in hidden emotions,
lest the beast of Cain’s progeny kill the stoic.

9 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender: obdurate

    1. T
      Dear Rochelle,
      Thank you.
      I’ve been thinking about you.
      I jut finished reading “A Rumor of War: The Classic Vietnam Memoir” (40th anniv. ed.) by Philip Caputo. While it does not address PTSD specifically, one can see why most line vets probably could have been so diagnosed. Caputo is a writer and the book is a good read. So many are not. Thanks again.


  1. I imagine all “Devil Dogs” need to be such. How could one do his job if he had a heart? And if love does find its way in, how can he live with himself?
    I’ve probably read way more into this but I had to read it three times and this is where I ended up!

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      1. I actually meant to phrase it that way.
        And that’s right. I remember reading you were a vet… Something tells me you have reconnected with your humanity and love…

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      2. I was a sissy, Air Force B-52 bombardier.
        My Bro-in-law (sister’s hubby) was a Devil Dog top kick. His advice to me: “No, Bill, you are definitely Air Force material. Besides, your mother would kill me if joined the Corps.” My older brother was also a Marine. But yes, I have been called a “sensitive man,” apparently by women (writers) who see that as an oxymoron. I confess: Mama’s boy. LOL 🙂

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      3. It kills me how one section of the military picks on the other. Marines pick on everybody! Sissy? You flew bombers!
        Most women would take a sensitive man over a brute anyway 😉
        Mama’s Boy, eh? Haha!

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      4. For the record, I admire and respect other services and their members. My last boss was an interesting and smart Marine Colonel, and the 6’4″ Major that worked for me was amazing (I used to say that everyone should have one of these). 🙂

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