Who Ya Gunna Kill?

Intrigued? It's murder!
Intrigued? It’s murder!

Seriously? Would you? I spent a career in the military. Flying B-52s would have removed me from the carnage by five miles, but I never dropped bombs on people. Fly all day, spend a few minutes dropping whatever (normal or ‘conventional’ bombs, various kinds of nuclear bombs or missiles, or mines into water like harbors or ports), then home and to the club for a night of brews and pizza before going out again in a day or so. I just missed out on that fun (not) routine in Viet Nam.

I was trained to shoot three guns: two rifles and one pistol. But I never shot anyone either. I spent a career as a trained killer, but I’ve never killed. I don’t even hunt. And, at least for now, I don’t own a firearm. However, I have no doubt that I would kill. War is different. Self-defense is different. I am not a pacifist.

Per the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the most dangerous regions in the world for murder and other violent crimes are Africa, Caribbean (toss in Brazil), and Central America. Canada comes in at 89th with about 516 murders, and the US at 92nd with 12,253 (both based on rate by population). Australia seems to have virtual love fest going on and is way down the list. But I want to look at this from a personal, more individualized perspective.

murder-3A few days ago, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek note on Facebook about how I did not whack some guy because my wife would kill me, had I dispatched the fool to his happy hunting ground. The fact remains, people kill people. I cannot imagine doing that except in self-defense or war. Neither of those would be considered murder, even in the biblical sense. Why do humans kill each other? Mental illness aside, why do we do it?

Here’s a little clip from J. D. Robb’s book, Glory in Death, p 138.

“Biblically speaking,” Nadine put in, “murder is the oldest crime.”

“You could say it has a long tradition. We may be able to filter out certain undesirable tendencies through genetics, chemical treatments, beta scans, we deter with penal colonies and the absence of freedom. But human nature remains human nature.”

Those basic motives for violence that science is unable to filter: love, hate, greed, envy, anger.”

“They separate us from the droids, don’t they?”

“And make us susceptible to joy, sorrow, and passion. That’s a debate for the scientists and the intellectuals. But which of those motives killed Cicely Towers and Yvonne Metcalf?”

Later they add thrill as basic human motive for violence.

Can this be for real? Do people kill because it’s fun? Sorry, that can’t be considered normal. But those other emotions can account for a lot of murders. Love, hate, greed, envy, and anger are common human emotions. And yet, people kill strangers for cutting them off in traffic. We call it road rage, but it’s anger. Statistically, murders of women are often done by male mates, partners, or lovers. What’s up with that?

The countries in the high murder-rate areas that I mentioned have significant drug trafficking problems, and many (but not all) have high rates of poverty. Figuring out motives and getting them into the right categories would be a challenge internationally. So, tell us. Who ya gunna kill?murder-4

It can be a dangerous world out there.
Carefully mind any gaps. Look both ways before crossing borders, fences, or red lines. And, watch for droids.

7 thoughts on “Who Ya Gunna Kill?

  1. I’d like to think I’m a pacifist, but what that means in my case is that I would prefer pacifism to committing murder. I don’t want to kill anyone. But I suppose if I felt my life was threatened, or my children were at risk, I could muster up some murderous rage. I do have overactive adrenaline on my side…

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  2. I’m with Joey on this, a pacifist. Maybe in self defense or to protect my family but I hope I never have to find out. Having served in the military and then worked with Police Officers, I know the suffering of those who have killed in service of their country and community- they suffer and are often traumatized by the event. The paradox of ‘fighting for peace’ continues to be the nature of our human experience. We are stuck in the wheel of samsara destined to repeat the past; anger turns to hatred, hatred of the others and then violence towards those not like “us”. And then we fight and kill to protect ourselves from the others. We need to wake up! Okay, I’ll jump off my soap box … it’s too early and I need more coffee ☕️

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    1. If you would fight, only in defense of self, family, friends, or neighbors, (resulting in death or not) then you are not a pacifist. I need to see if I have written on pacifism, if not….enjoy yer coffee.

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  3. You posed an interesting question. I’ve thought quite a bit about killing. Who would I kill? I want to think of myself as a pacifist. Not the type with my head looming in a cloud of pot smoke, saying, “Duuuuudes, let’s just have peace, man.” Instead, I think a bit of THOUGHT would solve problems better than guns, but then that becomes really complicated and I get myself back into circular reasoning. And, I can’t call myself a pacifist, even if I want to be one. I bought a Mossberg 12 gauge when I was a single woman living alone in my home. I never knew if I would use it, though. One day, a former boyfriend broke into my house at 1am while I was fast asleep. He was drunk and thought it funny. I didn’t know it was him when I heard the intruder messing with the locks, but I did have the gun and we both spent a very serious microsecond with a gun poised and ready. I hate that moment. It made me furious. He was stupid, but not dangerous. It did teach me something, though. When I think my personal safety is at risk, I would definitely protect myself. I hope I never have to point it again. When I got married (to a different guy, thank goodness), I wanted to ditch it. My husband hates guns too, but we decided together to keep it just in case. So, I guess I’m a gun-toting pacifist.

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