Monday’s Rune (Quadrille #171 w/Language Warning)

My dVerse job this week was to “pen” a 44-word poem (not incl. title, or [in my case] postscript) that includes some form of the word gasp. Then to post it and link to Mister Linky, where you can read more flash poems.

Oy, it’s you!

My latest guy wanna-be like is the British character,
AFC Richmond footballer,
From Apple’s Ted Lasso show,
Roy (Fucking) Kent.

Roy is gaspingly sensitive, loving, and caring;
pleasing to his woman,
and says shit and fuck
more than I.
Roy? What a guy! Gasp!

Look both ways and you’re safe in any country crossing the street.
Mind the gaps and keep right, or left, or whatever.

This clip is long (over 12 minutes), but not as long as I spent laughing (until I gasped). If you’re not familiar with Roy or Ted (and language is not offensive to you), give it a bit of a look. If you can, watch to the end.

19 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune (Quadrille #171 w/Language Warning)

  1. While I love Jason Sudeikis, I can see why you would love Roy (Fucking) Kent. Sucks that it’s on Apple TV and I ain’t got, nor will get it. I do love Juno Temple – she is in “The Offer” about the making of “The Godfather” – she’s got sass there, too.
    Love this FanFic Poetry! And now pissed that I can’t watch it…

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    1. Thanks, Dale. Sorry to have awakened your dragon.
      Come on over. Bring snacks. 🙂
      We just went (or are going) through the experience of ‘cutting the cable.’ Much is so new.

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      1. Nah, no worries 😉
        Will do!
        My cable is at the minimum it can be, the rest is streaming services… I just can’t take ’em all yanno?

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