Sammi’s Weekender #301 (treetop)

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Down Together

Helicopters are big-ass, noisy targets — preferred bullseyes for AKs or rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers. They’d get enemy kills and loot from the dead machine with one lucky shot.

To live, we flew high or desperately, dumbass low — at treetop levels or less. Other altitudes made things too easy for them. They heard us coming. We did our best to live and to kill.

Look both ways and be a zigzagging target. It’s hard to hit what’s moving.
Mind the gaps so you know where the shots came from.


The video with this Billy Joel song is six minutes, but it was my inspiration to the prompt word.

14 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #301 (treetop)

  1. My sister’s neighbour was a helicopter pilot for the Canadian Air Force and then for our Quebec Provincial Police for search and rescue. I am sure he could confirm these were their tactics, too. Course, he was not in Viet Nam but that movie Black Hawk Down? He said he lived it…
    I love that Billy Joel song and now I am listening to it with different ears.

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    1. Thanks, Dale. I am currently reading the (audio) book, “Black Hawk Down” —- I will watch the movie after I finish. If I can. I read soooo many Viet Nam War memoirs, many written by chopper pilots or crewmembers.

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      1. I have to say I have not read a one. I would read the Black Hawk Down – did I mention to you how I know prefer to watch the movie first and read the book after? It’s a good way of enjoying both for me.

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      2. The bad reviews on the book are mostly “too much detail.” They are right in that it is a lot (many minor characters too). But that is part of what I like about it. I may feel differently if it was not an audible book. I will let you know.

        And yes about the book movie first. It worked for me with “Carol.” But until you mentioned it, I had not even considered the Black Hawk Down movie. 🙂

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      3. I am not into reading reviews. And I imagine there are those, like you, who enjoy the details.

        I saw Fried Green Tomatoes so many times before I read the book. The book was so very enjoyable but since I had seen the movie, the expectations were different.

        The same with The Color Purple. I loved the movie. I loved the book. I think we expect more if we read first. But that’s me.

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  2. I always find this Billy Joel song so moving. It is a personal and intimate song even though he never served, he wrote it remembering his many friends who had served in Vietnam. Your 63 words hits the nail on the head Bill. Well done!

    Who, indeed was wrong, and who was right?

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