Monday’s Rune: Rescue This


Innocently Unhelpful

One day I was chopping weeds.
When I looked up Libby, our toy poodle, was gone.
I knew she would go home with virtually anyone.
But she’d been fixed years earlier, so she could go play.
I noticed a familiar SUV driving away. I was unarmed, but I felt, maybe,
Libby had been dognapped. I called for her and looked around.

After a while, the car returned and pulled over near me.
The lady driving rolled down the window. She held a small black dog
in her lap and asked if it was my dog. I said, “I don’t know. Lemme check
her license right here on her collar.” Libby was calm. I got semi-sarcastic.
“Yep. Last seen right over there in my yard sniffing her own shit.”

The indignant do-gooder gave me a look and said, “I’m a dog
rescuer. I rescue strays.” I took Libby and said, “Today you’ve
moved up to dognapping. Last I checked that was against the law.
Now may I see your rescue license?”

I could tell she was getting pissed at me.

Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall
started pounding my mind and I turned up my volume,

“Hey!       Lady!         Leave this dog alone!

All-in-all, look both ways when tending your flock.
Your poor wretched strays may get “rescued” the minute you look one way.
Mind the gaps in the minds of those dumbly righteous souls who do good to feel better than.

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: Rescue This

  1. Very nicely put together Bill. Dognapping is rife all over the world now and not treated seriously by law enforcement. Not helped by the modern trend to upgrade what used to be mongrels into designer dogs and charge extortionate amounts for them!

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  2. Why do I feel this “rescuer” might have had a scam going… yanno, in the form of “rescuing” dogs that grateful owners might want to give a reward for.
    All sorts in this world. And to think kids can get snapped up just as easily. Bloody hell!

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    1. “Oh look, a nicely groomed. well fed, collared and licensed ‘stray’ dog in that yard. Ignore the man working and rescue the poor dog.”

      Animal rescuers do wonderful work. This person was not helping their cause. 🙂

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