Friday Fictioneers for December 23, 2022

To welcome official northern hemisphere Winter and to punctuate the solstice, Mistress of Fictioneering, Rochelle, has teamed up with the wonderful winter scene photographer, Dale Rogerson, to inspire us to create, write, and to post stories of fewer than 101 words.

While a click on Dale’s pic gets you a sleigh ride over to Rochelle’s blog where all the fun begins, I can tell you that this is a challenging writing experience. So is going to the page of squares (inlinkz) where reading and commenting begets us the same. Do that by clicking on the below photo of Jackie O and her bane paparazzo, Ron G.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Genre: Historical Fiction
Title: Ambivalent Vanity
Word Count: 100


“Ron, that’s her private property across the creek. You’re obsessed with this woman. No wonder everyone hates all paparazzi.”

While looking through his telephoto viewfinder, “People love my photos and rags pay us big bucks, Billy-boy. Celebs want it both ways — fame and fortune with pictures but hate me for taking them. Hand me my waders.”

I stayed back while he walked toward the house.

Ron came running back to the crack of gun shots. He fell into the freezing water. Then he got up, and we ran to the car. He laughed and said, “Ain’t this job fun, Billy-boy?”


Look both ways for a paparazzo hiding behind a bush.
These days, everyone has a camera.
Mind the gaps or just surrender to the inevitable cha-ching of notoriety.

The facts: Ron Galella, the freelance photographer who relentlessly pursued Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis until a judge barred him from taking her picture, who pestered Marlon Brando until Brando broke his jaw and detached five teeth, and who for better or worse helped define today’s boundary-challenged culture of celebrity, died on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at his home in Montville, N.J. He was 91.

Click on the photo of Jackie Onassis and photographer Ron Galella to read more excellent stories inspired by Dale’s photo. (1971 in NYC. Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

45 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for December 23, 2022

  1. Bill, I think that once you’ve jumped on the wealth train of celebrity, you need to accept you’ve traded your privacy for it. That said, private property means stay off of it. I think if you’re on public property, you’re fair game.

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    1. I agree, Lisa. So do many celebs.
      To a degree it’s inevitable. And many good pics are taken. This man admitted his personnel obsession with Jackie years ago. He stalked her and was court ordered to keep his distance. It was personal. Many others were tolerated by her.

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      1. Good to know about Jackie’s stalker. I remember reading something awhile back about a stalker that Bob Dylan had. I know Eddie Vedder had one that made him not want to go home. He wrote a song about the stalking situation.

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  2. I love the enthusiasm and the mischievous tone that in my mind makes this piece feel comical. The paparazzi must be most loved and hated (Tom and Jerry), cat and mouse profession that is endlessly looking for the multi-dollar picture.

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    1. The controlled photo ops are not as much fun. The candid pics, even when set up, are much better. Glam and bling attract. 🙂 I just cannot imagine being on either side of this conflict.


    1. I cannot imagine, Neil.
      Ironically, he ended up a celebrity himself with gallery showings and his own glam and fame. He also confessed that he was obsessed with Jackie.


  3. I’m fascinated by the love/hate relationship celebrities have with their paps. Well, when I say I’m fascinated, it’s to say I may possibly dwell on it for the whole of 3 seconds. As far as I’m concerned, live by the sword, die by the sword. Merry Christmas Bill!

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    1. On reflection, a tad unfeeling as a generalisation. I was dwelling perhaps on those who seek celebrity and then complain about the kind of attention that goes with it. I think we all can name a few of those.

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      1. Yes. I think most celebs accept, if not like, the attention. But stalkers can be annoying if not dangerous. 🙂


    2. I don’t mind having my pic taken and posted. I just want to be able to veto the ones I dislike. As for being stalked, as long as they are only armed with cameras, I’d manage. 🙂


  4. Dear Bill,

    I’m wondering if Ron’s teeth were buried with him? I guess you could say he was…um…er…dedicated to his craft. Well written story in any event. Merry Happy HanakwanazaChristmakkuh.



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  5. It’s such a bizarre thing. The general population’s obsession with famous people. Stars’ need to be adored while maintaining their privacy in a world where paparazzi and social media have destroyed privacy. These days, celebrities are their own paparazzi. You did make the paparazzi life seem kinda fun. I like having teeth though.

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  6. As long as people are paying to see their celebs in all sorts of compromising ways, these paparazzi will have a job.
    There are those who seek the fame and others who quietly go about their business, less bothered.
    I’m not quite that sort of a paparazzo!!
    Well done sir.

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