Sammi’s Weekender #275 (avian)

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Got My Six

His name was Jay.
We called him Jay Bird
due to his avian-like
looks and behavior.
Callsigns were
seldom complimentary,
like Maverick or Viper.
Jay Bird was my friend.

Look both ways in life but memories are treasures of the mind.
And mind the ever-present gaps as you connect the dots and wonder why.

24 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #275 (avian)

    1. Obi-Wan. Often shortened to Obi or Ohb. 🙂

      The crew all had callsigns (or ‘go-bys’) after characters from the first Star Wars movie. 🙂


      1. In the 1970s there were not yet female B-52 crewmembers. While there were women pilots, navigators, and crewmembers, the legal restriction from ‘combat’ jobs was not overcome until later. Now there are. I would advise caution in referring to any of them as a “princess.” 🙂
        This crew is from my old squadron.


      2. heh. I understand. So, were call signs to keep identities secret for some reason?

        and if you catch the movie on HBO called “The Princess”, the idea of what a princess is has changed quite a bit. A princess rescuing herself, with violence and gore a bit turned up from, say, Xena Warrior Princess. A nice bubble gum example of hong kong wire work, and sword and sorcery.

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      3. i had an individual ‘official’ call sign (Cash 54) as a student. It identified me as a member of a class, a squadron, and as an individual. Not so much secret. However, Our flying call signs when flying B-52s were classified until we used them, just so no one else could plan to.
        The 1988 Movie “BAT 21” is based on the callsign of the the guy who was shot down (played by Gene Hackman).


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