Monday’s Rune: This Bad

Hopeless is bad enough,
often said with sarcastic humor.
But helpless is feeling
a deeper truth.

We believe we can,
and maybe
for a time,
we can, and
we do. But we are
being watched.

An inevitable
universal reality
brings truth to
the rarity of existence.

Entropic inevitability,
be it a mayfly, a giant star;
you, or me, degradation
into disorganized chaos
and randomness rules.

As everything changes,
nothing ever changes.

Look both ways into the abyss of eternity.
It is the way, the only way.
Mind the gaps and appreciate the flashes of life.

18 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: This Bad

  1. This well describes a thinking person’s feelings after reading the morning newspaper or otherwise tracking the downward spiral of world events. It’s those flashes of life at a personal level that offset the helplessness.

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  2. It is so true that we often use the word “hopeless” with humourous sarcasm. I guess because if it really is, it would be too difficult to face.
    I think we have to try to offset the world reality from our own so that we can let go and enjoy it.

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    1. I agree, Dale. I once read (Scott Peck) that denial is a defense mechanism without which we would all die of freight.
      One problem I feel is hopeless for us all is the environment and climate change (maybe that is two problems).
      There are others.
      But the muse of the poem was more personal for me. 🙂

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      1. That Scott Peck quote makes sense.
        And I think I felt it was personal, which is why it took me a while to come up with a half-decent comment 🙂

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