Sammi’s Weekender #262 (zest)

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Unlike the discomfort people feel toward harmless book collections, fearful of those pillars of civilization, even dumb readers are smart. Readers aren’t rich, poor, intelligent, or stupid. They zestfully relish reading books like the ignorant cling to guns and unread bibles.

Look both ways and cherish lifelong learning. Mind the gaps and be who you are and what you are, enjoy life, and read on into eternity.

13 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #262 (zest)

  1. It’s so funny. Another blogger today wrote about learning. I said as long as you read, you keep on learning. Yesterday, one wrote about book reading and being judge for what they read. I told her who cares? You’re reading. If you just love Harlequin romance, so be it; you’re still reading and ahead of those who don’t.
    I’m probably way off topic here, aren’t I?

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    1. Nope. You’re right, Dale.

      The topics were books, reading, and lifelong learning.

      My inspiration was from Larry McMurtry’s memoir “Books.”
      He wrote, “The people of my hometown seem to be a little uncomfortable with our three hundred-thousand books, although the stock is passive and has attacked no one.
      How did one of the pillars of civilization come, in only fifty years, to be mostly unwanted?” — also an anti-book FB comment which I shall not share cuz it is so foolish. 🙂

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      1. Phew! 😉
        I didn’t get an answer from the blogger, whom I said to not feel self-conscious about what she reads… My goodness. Who’s effing business is it anyway?
        Yeah. FB and some comments… 🙄

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      2. I tend toward non-fiction, but I have no idea why. I do love a great novel and I should read more of them.
        Another of McMurtry’s quotes I like, “Mostly the reading fertilizes the writing.”
        People — writers — work very hard to make those romance novels good. There are so many genres, who is to say?

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      3. I am all over the place in my reading. Fiction, non-fiction, romance (in itty-bitty quantity), French novel, all sorts.
        Reading does fertilize!!
        Absolutely. And they make a pretty penny, too…. I shall have to consider it 😉

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  2. As a fellow bibliophile, I totally relate to this! That phrase “unread bibles” is so thought-provoking. Enjoyed this, Bill. I would have liked to know more, had you more words to play with! 🙂

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