Friday Fictioneers for May 6th, 2022

Na’ama Yehuda’s lovely flower garden picture posted by the incomparable Rochelle, mistress of pools of water and writers was both inspirational and challenging. A rose by any other name is a tulip, even on Friday Fictioneers, right?


Click on the flowers to get more info from Rochelle’s. The PHOTO PROMPT by © Na’ama Yehuda.

Genre: Murderous Fiction
Title: I never promised you a
rose tulip garden
Words: 100

We were so much in love, hotly in lust, blindly infatuated—the perfect couple. I decided I could trust him with my biggest secrets. We just clicked.

“Hey Babe, I need to tell you one more thing.”

“Oh, Sweetheart, you can tell me anything. Without trust, there’s no us.”

“I worked as a hooker when I lived in Reno.”

“Okay, Love…that’s over now.”

“I also shot a man there just to watch him die.

“You did what? You’re a murderer? We need to get that mess cleaned up.”

“I’ll be packing tonight. Don’t worry about me leaving. I’m already gone.”

Look both ways to see that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, we can only be who we are. Mind those gaps so you don’t forget that your truth may be none of my business.


My story was musically inspired by: (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson, Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, and Already Gone (also maybe the line, And there’s some rumors going round, someone’s underground from Witchy Woman) by Eagles (sic).

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46 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for May 6th, 2022

  1. What would I do if faced by that revelation? What an interesting conundrum.
    I like your ‘Look both ways’ snippet after your story, reminding us of the moral ambiguity of the storyline.

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  2. Dear Bill,

    I got all the song references. Loved it! FYI. “I’m Already Gone” was my theme song the last 6 months of my miserable employment at a local grocery store. 😉 So the song always will have a special place in my heart. Great song for a tough time. Enough about me. Good story.



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  3. Great story, Bill. I didn’t pick up all the song references, but that’s what you’ve got the other comments for, isn’t it?!! I agree that she was a bit too free with the truth for someone with that rap sheet and if I were him, I’d be exiting stage left mighty fast.

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  4. What’s a little hooking and a little murder when we love who we love? He’s so judgmental. Speaking of love, I love how you used all the songs (which I am chuffed to say, I recognized) in the creation of your little tale…
    I also love your “Look both ways…” (always)


    1. And I am chuffed about you being chuffed. But you are right, where love is concerned, the past should not matter. However, it’s best he know so there are no surprises later on. 🙂

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