Friday Fictioneers for April 8th, 2022

Today the ever lovely and charming Mistress of Mystery and lover of history and animals, Madam Rochelle, teamed up with David Stewart to serve up a delicious challenge which she prompted from her recliner throne surrounded by things important to her.

My 100-story follows the prompt photo. Is yours here?


click on red land line (or anywhere) in the PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart to go check out Rochelle’s blog for the latest menu.

Genre: Breakfast Fiction
Title: I Got You, Babe
Word Count: 100

They had told me there was another man. She’d soon be leaving me. I’d catch them in the act and kill them, then myself.

I parked a block away, planning to catch them having breakfast. I cautiously entered Big Al’s Restaurant. I saw two meals without coffee. Did she give it up for him? Probably a Mormon.

Her voice, “Hi Babe. Eggs sunny side up, right? Just like you, bright and sunny. I had to get our coffee. Did you drop the kids off? I’m working on that writing prompt you told me about.”

I decided to delay my plan.

Look both ways for drama in your life.
Mind the gaps for reasons to commit fictional crimes
if you are indeed a writer of such.

Click on the wayward children to read other flash stories.

40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for April 8th, 2022

  1. Dear Bill,

    I learned a while back to be careful when discussing your reasons for killing off a character and the method you chose with a friend. There could be a stranger nearby with a shocked expression and a blanched complexion.
    It sounds like your MC ended up with egg on his face, but at least she got him coffee to go with it. Good one.



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  2. The gun? Well, just doing some research for my response to the prompt. Don’t worry about it. What’ do you have so far?
    Yeah, hold off on the plan until at least after breakfast…

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  3. Elvis’ song, “Suspicious Minds” is playing in my head. I’m glad he was wrong (at least this time.) If you don’t have trust in a relationship you’ve got nothing.

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  4. I’m glad the massacre was avoided here, but I’m still a bit suspicious about those rumours ‘they’ passed on to him. Where there’s smoke … ? I like that touch of ambiguity. Good story.

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