Friday Fictioneers 12/10/2021

Friday Fictioneers challenges us to write fewer than 101 words mused up by a photograph supplied by one of us and posted as our prompt by the ever-wonderful Rochelle. Click the prompt photo to see her blog page and get clued-in on all the fun.

Here is today’s picture and my story.

Click on the PHOTO PROMPT © by Claire Fullerby for Rochelle’s blog to get all the FF info.

Genre: Crime Fiction
Title: The Payoff
Word count: 100

I was out walking behind the old abandon Morrow Brothers service station, where I had my first job. Hearing voices, I climbed over the mess of old mufflers and tires to see.

I saw Clay Morrow arguing with some guy. Morrow pulled a gun from his toolbox and shot the man.

I saw youthful me—watching.

Then, I watched as Morrow walked over to me, said something, and handed me a paper.

Back home, I called Dr. Kupferberg.

“Doc, I wasn’t dreaming. I remember. I witnessed a murder and told no one. Morrow paid me off. I’m holding the check.”

Look both ways.
You won’t recall repressed memories, until you do.
Mind the gaps in criminal acts, especially if you’re involved.

Click on Clay Morrow’s (Ron Perlman) gun to read other renditions.


33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 12/10/2021

  1. Ah, a fellow fan of Sons of Anarchy. The kid was naive enough to take a check from Clay, but also savvy enough to know not to try and cash it. Good story, Bill. Clay got what he deserved — and so did Gemma!

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  2. Dear Bill,

    Looks like the truth is about to come out. Repressed memories. I can relate to that. Thought I was crazy when it happened to me. (So did some of my friends). Good set up and clever way to link to the inLinkz.



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    1. In my experience, a repressed memory is not something forgotten or amnesia. But yes, it can happen just like that. On the rare occasions that I return to my home town, many places bring memories to mind. 🙂

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  3. You set up a very interesting situation. You say it was his first job, which implied to me that it was the first of many criminal acts. And yet he’s seeing a psychiatrist as though he wants out. Is the psychiatrist a crook, I wonder.

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