Thursday Rune: Thanksgiving Poem


The mythical geneses
of Thanksgiving Day
doesn’t matter to me,
nor the religious significance,
or supposed underpinnings
of this America’s holiday.

It’s healthy to have
the attitude—to feel
thankful, to reflect,
to summon love & respect
for others in my life—
today and those past.
There is the good,
the bad,
and the ugly.

My family, love,
music, art, health,
heart, happy stuff,
rain, books, writing,
babies, moms, medicine,
motorcycles, children,
grandkids, good coffee,
air conditioning,
electricity, good teeth,
this poem.

Today is about all the good!

Look both ways with a grateful mind and heart.
Mind the gaps but see the good.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Rune: Thanksgiving Poem

  1. Dear Bill,

    Definitely good coffee. 😉 And good friends online across the globe…for that I’m most grateful. Enjoy the day as I’ve enjoyed your poem.

    Shalom and Happy Thanksgiving, (whatever excuse to have a an attitude of gratitude :D),


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  2. Yes, we don’t need myths and religious reasons to be grateful for the big and little, the inane and serious… it is all worth a moment to rejoice.
    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

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