Sammi’s Weekender #231 (legion)

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Our Masked Morons

The Kadiddlehoppers:
Abbottomy the bot,
dirty Dan,
and Perrywinkle,
planned four Guard brigades
of water boy warriors
to battle back
Obama’s invisible invading
legions, thirty already here.
Save us
from such morons.

Look both ways for details and the big picture.
Mind the gaps and trust none of them.

30 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #231 (legion)

    1. Thanks, Dale. It took much of the day because I wrote five others and decided to forgo being polite. I like to write when I’m pissed off. Don’t know why. 🙂

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      1. Oh, I am sure that’s true. But, to be honest, it’s not just anger. It’s kind of like life >>> I’m not sure. But it is when I feel like that, I grab pen and paper and go to town. LOL.

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      2. It is a letting go of inhibitions and saying what I really think. It does not happen often. I press too hard with my pen. But I like the eventual outcome. 🙂

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      3. Oh no. I protect my Lamy. The mental and physical feeling are fast, fun, and run deep. I’ve not experienced such in a while. It’s crazy how my emotions and writing by hand effect me. I would so crush the nib. LOL.

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      4. I had to come to the Reader to be able to respond as my stupid notifications pane cut short. I saw your comment and it disappeared in front of my eyes! Sigh. And good. I was thinking the nib couldn’t handle all of that energy 😉
        Does it come out in one fell swoop or do you have to go back and “clean it up”?

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      5. It’s been a while. But, yes, it happens quickly and while I try for coherence with cleaning up, I also try not to edit out much. 🙂 It needs to be understandable without dulling the points and edges.

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      6. You know I am a big fan. Right? I hope so. You are a wonderful, kind, and an excellent writer. But I suspect there is a side to Dale that is, how would one say?, “FUCK THIS SHIT!” (Sorry.)
        ((she smiles, nods, waves to her fans, points to the guy over there, and calmly sits with a glint in her eye.))

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      7. I had no idea and I’m truly chuffed you think so. Excellent? That’s truly high praise (me, who only just recently dared call myself a writer). And you maybe more than correct! I may have, on more than one occasion stated that very phrase!
        Fans.. LOL… You kill me.

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