Poem: Holy Knickknacks, Batman

Got my Indian Buddha statue
the next day
after some Catholic Answers lecture guy
told us it was a mortal sin to have one.
First Commandment (Catholic version), no less.

My graven image now sits with my Dragon Chalice,
lion statue, and cowboy with horse bronze art,
family photos, among other things.
He’s been lotus sitting around my house,
mostly in my room, for more than 20 years.
The best years of my life
have been with Siddhartha.

My family has concurred many demons.
I’ve beaten cancer (for now), completed 15 marathons,
written hundreds of poems, cheated death
and heart disease (also temporarily),
lost twenty pounds (several times),
and today I mark 75 years since I squeezed
through Mom’s birth canal. Sorry, Mom.

My mother claimed I was a contrarian.
Dad said I was only half-Irish and my sibs
considered me a spoiled brat (that’s still true).
The (younger then I) lecturer from the diocesan chancery
died two years afterwards.
Wrong statue or just superstition, I guess.

Look both ways at life and nature.
Question scripture. Make room for doubt.
Mind the gaps where you find them.
Buy a buddha. Acquire art because you can.


9 thoughts on “Poem: Holy Knickknacks, Batman

  1. Great poem. I need to get a Buddha statue. I loved the way you apologized to mom. My son does every bit=rthday because he weighed eleven pounds when he was born, so I guess he feels like he owes me one. It is good to remain a little spoiled at 70 because it gives you something to look forward to.

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    1. Thank you.
      Grandson was a 10lb+ C-section. Now 6’4″ and 260+.
      My sister confessed that I was born in a different world, not spoiled. Minor point, but true.

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  2. Happy belated birthday, Bill!
    I love your poem – such a wonderful way to give us a quickie synopsis of who you are.
    And. can I just say that being told it was a sin to buy that beautiful Buddha would be incentive enough to buy it? I confess wishing I could see your whole collection 😉

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