Poetry: What They Were

Now abandoned, there sits an old home
convent campus of providence sisters,
a cloistered retreat,
once a thriving worshiping community.

Now greedy developer fodder,
this sad waste-like memory rots,
loved only by climbing and scratching
brambles of blackberries. There’s
no salvation for the old.

Look both ways for revitalization of the past
and for the hopes of the future.
Mind the gaps for invasive species.

Click Image for link to PEW article.


12 thoughts on “Poetry: What They Were

  1. Great poem, Bill. Reminds me of the old convent that was renovated into a retreat center when I worked for the city of Federal Way. It was on a beautiful piece of land overlooking the Puget Sound, but had fallen into disrepair. Your poem took me back…it’s been lovingly restored and serves the community.

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    1. Built in 60s, sold in 70s and several more times after. Huge university-like campus used for retreats, but eventually fell to disrepair. Due to illegal actions by developers, now town down and replaced with new public school campus.

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      1. I don’t either. Tried twice. Nope. Not for me.
        I’d love to send you some. We’ve had four days of it now… And Ugh to those temps!

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